About the members

The five members of QPiTSM hold a diverse mix of skills. The elements making up QPiTSM’s music are vocals, rapping and instruments. Their musical skills however are largely hereditary and were honed through experience (owing to the fact that the group has been making music for almost ten years now). The group’s formal qualifications range between fields as diverse as business and engineering. The group’s education plays a key role in informing their vision, their unique world view and their motivation for making music – not for the money but for the love.

Timi-tone (Mtimande Mbatha)
Is the main vocalist as well as one of the composers. As the main crooner in the group he has written a significant number of the group’s love ballads. His formal qualification is in electrical engineering, majoring in low current – which commonly has to do with radio and satellite broadcasting.

Big Q (Qiniso Pitse)
Has a formal qualification in logistics management and uses his skills largely as the group’s business manager. His insights in contracts, budgeting and book keeping allow QPiTSM to function as a sound business, while still producing optimum quality music. Big Q also makes appearances on certain songs.

Pedigree  (Mawabo Msingaphantsi)
Is a rapper, composer and producer. His task is often coordinating the flow of lyrics, vocals and instrumentals by determining which beat to use and making adjustments to instrumentals where necessary. Pedigree is a city planner and is currently studying towards a MSc in urban design.

Apples (Sibusiso Senzani)
Is a rapper and composer. He is most recognisable for his rare way of rapping, which utilises a very rapid method of delivery and internal rhyming. Apples is currently completing a MSc in Bio-pharmarceotical studies.

The One (Sibusiso Masango)
Being the youngest in the group (almost 3yrs younger), The One is possibly the most dynamic member of the group. He is largely responsible for marketing the group and for organising performances. Formally, however, he is working towards a diploma in sound engineering. The One is also one of the group’s three rappers as well as a song writer and often performs backing vocals.


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