At the end of 2011 QPiTSM had over thirty songs registered under SAMRO. This number included some of the collaborative work that the group has done. An additional twenty songs have been added as part of the shortlist for the group’s upcoming album.

In 2011 QPiTSM released the Splagahood mixtape with relative success, managing to play on community radio as well as university campus radio. However, the limited success of the mixtape commercially came as a  surprise since it had taken on a very commercial approach with the usual emphasis on 808 drums, synthesizers  and auto-tune. This led to a paradigm shift amongst QPiTSM’s members. This included a refocusing on more  aggressive marketing techniques (e.g. internet instead of CD) as well as re-conceptualizing what the group is  essentially about. In part, the portfolio you are reading is a product of this re-conceptualization.




Nerd cliQ, which is due to be released in December 2012, is likely to be cited retrospectively as a landmark step for QPiTSM.  While the Splagahood mixtape was often complemented for its instrumental prowess, Nerd cliQ promises to add context to that, with its rich verbal portraits of “The city”, “the morning train” and “Keviya dreams”, in which QPiTSM describes the ambivalence of growing up on the edge of the city – the township. Their lyrics reveal a sense of exclusion and poverty but this is seasoned with a simultaneous joy, a lust for the endless parties, sex and money. Underlying the thumping bass lines and  blues riffs however is a curious observation about a society where we buy suits and cars to camouflage ourselves as we make our way through the city – and through life.


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