Who is QPiTSM?

QPiTSM (pronounced cu-pi-ti-zim) is a musical act from the East Rand.  The group consists of five members, originally from the East Rand (east of Johannesburg). The group was formed in 2003 when four of the current members began playing music together. The first five years of the groups work largely focused on making hip hop and house instrumentals and selling them to other musical acts. The group has since become more involved in the creation of the actual songs. This was largely due to a wish to improve the quality of the final product. As one of the members puts it “I was frustrated coz most of the guys I was making beats for didn’t know what to say; I was a better rapper than them”.

However, QPiTSM continues to produce and sell instrumentals for other artists and with a specific intention to do so at affordable rates. This is driven by the belief that music is essentially a collaborative exercise and that mass participation by aspiring artists helps to define the genre and to create a language through which artists can express the themes of their music.
Our vision
We acknowledge the work done by other SA Hip Hop artists before us. One such important figure to us is Sliquor (along Skwata Kamp) who stresses the importance of acknowledging the South African context in our music. We also look up to Teargas’ work in telling uniquely Kasi stories in their music. QPiTSM’s vision is to add to this by making music that people of our generation can relate to. Our songs are situated within the economic, political and social conditions that are the reality of growing up on the edge of Johannesburg – the city of gold. This very significant of course because Johannesburg is still the centre of Southern Africa’s economy, which means that even if you live in a remote village in Mozambique, you are still essentially on the edge of Johannesburg and one day you will have to make your way to the city and to confront its reality

Our mission
To produce good music and to be able to some day do so at an international level. To provide clients with good, efficient and responsive service. To help younger artists to find their own voice. We also wish to bridge the generational divide and to inspire elders to view the youth in a more positive light


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