Use Policy


QPiTSM believes that music is not just about some people being artists and others being listners. We are all listerners and we can all be artists. That is why QPiTSM gives out free instrumentals that may be used by anyone, subject to the conditions stipulated here:

1.    Free instrumentals may be used for commercial purposes. Artists can make songs that they can perform, sell, lease or send to the radio and receive royalties for.
2.    Free instrumentals may be exchanged and distributed by any person but they may not be sold under any circumstances. However QPiTSM retains the right to resell any of its free instrumentals to any person or to use the instrumentals without any prior consultaiton.
3.    QPiTSM does not have any distribution rights over any new songs that are made with the use of free instrumentals but QPiTSM may advertise the songs (without using the actual songs but by referring to them by name).
4.    Free instrumentals may be distributed by QPiTSM through various media, including but not limited to CDs or online downloads
5.    Free instrumentals are always labelled as “free instrumentals” and they are listed on QPiTSM’s website (subject to the availability of the domain; QPiTSM also reserves the right to change domains or web addresses without prior consultation).
6.    When free instrumentals are used to make new songs, QPiTSM assumes the title of “composer” (as the composer of the instrumentals). QPiTSM also retains 10% of the mechanical and performance rights to any works produced with the use of free instrumentals. QPiTSM is thus entitled to recieve 10% of all revenues and royalties payable to the artist for any song (or jingle) that utilises the free instrumental.
7.    QPITSM assumes no liability for any damages (financial or otherwise) that may be caused by new songs produced through the use of our free instrumentals. QPiTSM is fully compliant with international copyright law and has full ownership of all free instrumentals. Any disputes in this regard may be arbitrated by the South African Music Rights Organization



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