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Mawabo Msingaphantsi

Mawabo – I am a qualified city planner and I draw from this experience in my writing but, while completing my Masters and working in a small architectural practice, I decided to leave the profession in order to pursue a longstanding passion for music. The slow process of truly comprehending the gravity of this decision resulted in me making a few philosophical ramblings on paper. Then these grew into articles, which then grew into this blog. I am an avid reader of Steve Biko and of work by Marxist authors such as David Harvey, Slavoj Zizek and Manuel Castells. And like Biko said: I write what I like


Shahid Solomon

Shahid Solomon – is a city planner operating in the western cape. Shahid currently works as the Programme Management Executive at Greater Tygerberg Partnership. He runs his own blog at shahidsolomon.wordpress.com


Join QPiTSM?

Join QPiTSM?

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